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How to wager in Final Jeopardy!

Final Jeopardy! wagering strategy is a key aspect of the game – in fact, it might be the only part of the game a player actually controls. Far too frequently, however, someone loses simply because he wagered too much.

Most of the discussion online focuses on esoteric formulas that are easily lost under pressure. Here, you’ll find simple instructions using nothing beyond addition and subtraction.

Each video comes with an accompanying page with the suggestions transcribed. You can check out practice scenarios on the “Analysis” and “Practice” tabs above.

Keith’s tutorial

Part One looks at basic strategy for two players. You’ll learn the four basic rules for wagering in Final Jeopardy!.

In Part Two, we’ll discuss some special scenarios when two players are involved: namely, situations in which the leader must wager to tie.

Part Three expands to three players – which I hope at this point is no longer as scary! I break the strategy down into three situations: first vs. second; second vs. third; and first vs. third.

Part Four touches on “wager-to-tie” situations for three players. I’ll suggest you memorize two different scenarios in case you’re faced with a Penultimate Wager – a Daily Double on the final clue in Double Jeopardy!, which might be the most powerful situation in the game. (This is a two-part video.)

Part Five will be the final installment. We’ll look at what I call “mind games” – when players might find it advantageous to violate the basic rules from Part One.

I also provide you with suggestions on how to wager using paper and pen – the only instruments you’ll have on stage. (This is a two-part video.)

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