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Daily analysis, November 7

Two regular games left until we begin our first tournament of the year! If you’re unfamiliar with the differences between regular games and tournament matches, have a look at my newest video.

Cover 20131107

How’d our players do today?

Jeopardy! tournaments – structure and wild cards

It’s tournament time! For the next two weeks, Alex will host the annual Teachers Tournament.

Let’s take a look at how these competitions work – and how they affect wagering strategy.The Final Wager - Jeopardy! tournament structure cover

Let’s go for the championship! >>

Daily analysis, November 6

Are you caught up on my wagering strategies? You’d better be – I’ve got a new installment coming out very soon!Cover 20131106

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Daily analysis, November 5

It’s Election Day in New York City – luckily, the polls close at 9, so there was no “breaking news” during the show.Cover 20131105

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Daily analysis, November 4

I’m quite sore today. How are you feeling?

Cover 20131104

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Wagering practice – looking at another TOC champ

This is from Vijay Balse’s fourth game. Vijay would go on to win his Tournament of Champions, and will return in The Battle of the Decades.

What would you do here as Shelby? The category is THE INTERNET; Vijay is a chemical engineer.

Vijay Balse Jeopardy fourth game Slide1

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Daily analysis, November 1

I began this post by typing “October”. Haven’t figured this whole “changing of months” out yet.

Cover 20131101

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Wagering practice – a risk-seeker gets a Penultimate Wager

Some of you will remember this game (from October 3) as the one where I had my huge meltdown at the gym.

Damian has a Penultimate Wager opportunity. What should he do? It’s a $1200 clue in INDEPENDENCE DAYS.

Damian Henry Daily Double October 3 2013 Slide1

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Treat … or trick? The Halloween recap

Happy Halloween, friends! It’s time to celebrate – 80s style.

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Daily analysis, October 30

Happy Hump Day! Will Alex offer us an expedition to the Sahara?Cover 20131030

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