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Daily analysis, November 15 – Teachers Tournament QF #5

November 15, 2013

We’ve reached the end of the first week! We now know our field for the semis.

Cover 20131115

Although there is little strategic advantage to evenly-spaced scores since we’re in the quarterfinals, I loved that Penultimate Wager by Cathy! Too bad it didn’t work out for her, because she might have qualified as a wild card given how Final went.

Cathy Bloedorn: 6,400
Timothy Shuker-Haines: 13,400
Michael Townes: 16,400

Strong start by Timothy; strong charge by Michael. If only Michael knew he could wager zero and move on!

Final Jeopardy wagers November 15 2013

Since Michael went small here, I would have preferred no more than 2,400, since Timothy might wager 599 to stay above Cathy.

How white were Katie’s knuckles as the responses were revealed?

Quarterfinal winners:

Anne Baxter
Patrick Dillon
Eli Barrieau
John Pearson
Timothy Shuker-Haines

Wild-card standings:

Mary Beth Hammerstrom: 20,000 (clinched)
Becky Giardina: 18,801 (clinched)
Maryanne Lewell: 18,800 (clinched)
Katie Moriarty: 16,400 (clinched)
Michael Townes: 13,800
Cathy Bloedorn: 12,795
Rico Vazquez: 11,400
Karen Cafaro: 6,000
Kati Sorenson: 399
James Brown: 0

The cut-off of 16,400 is tied for the 19th-highest of the records I have, out of a total of 89 tournaments.


With five females, my guess is they’ll have an all-female semifinal to guarantee at least one moves on. (Katie Moriarty would have to be involved, for reasons I explained in my video.)

The Final Jeopardy! clue for November 15, 2013:


Correct response: Who is Henry Higgins?

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