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Wagering practice – looking at another TOC champ

November 4, 2013

This is from Vijay Balse’s fourth game. Vijay would go on to win his Tournament of Champions, and will return in The Battle of the Decades.

What would you do here as Shelby? The category is THE INTERNET; Vijay is a chemical engineer.

Vijay Balse Jeopardy fourth game Slide1

(Thanks to the J! Archive)

Answers to the previous Penultimate Wager scenario:

Damian Henry Daily Double October 3 2013 Slide1

Rohit has the lead by a slim margin, but Damian’s got a Daily Double on the final clue in Double Jeopardy!. Damian will want to wager take the lead, but how can he ensure a safety net if he’s wrong?

My preferred wager here is 7,400. Here’s why.

(click to view as a slideshow)

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  1. Kelly permalink

    The usual best wager for Shelby would be to bet $600 max. to beat Vijay should he try to cover and miss. However, this is a pseudo-Faith-Love game where the difference between double Becki’s score and Shelby’s is exactly the same as that between Shelby’s and Vijay’s, so if Shelby doesn’t fully understand wagering strategy she might try betting that difference of $5,800 and if Vijay is willing to risk her betting more he could make an “alternative” wager of $0. I call this a pseudo-Faith-Love game because for it to be a true “Faith Love” scenario the player in 3rd would need to be in a position where he/she could win the game on a double-up (and in a game like this one where that isn’t the case the only thing holding a player like Shelby from betting it all vs. making the ideal Faith Love wager is 2nd/3rd place as opposed to a potential win). (FYI, on the old Sony board circa 2008 I had a discussion about this and the J-Archivists decided to modify their wagering calculator and put a note on my thoughts in their Faith Love glossary entry.)

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