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Wagering practice – another Penultimate Wager brainteaser

October 11, 2013

Perhaps I’ll start reserving the weekend for Penultimate Wager scenarios. Slightly more complex than last Friday’s situation, here’s a new slate of scores.

Provided one of these players receives the Daily Double as the last clue of Double Jeopardy!, what should each wager?

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Daily Double wagering practice 20131011 Slide1

Answers to Thursday’s scenario:

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  1. Lindsay permalink

    I know for FInal Jeopardy you get unlimited time to calculate your wager, but does that hold true for Daily Doubles as well? The TV editing makes it seem like they blurt out a wager quickly with little to no time to calculate a proper wager.

  2. wjmorris3 permalink

    Ingrid should probably wager 2250, splitting the difference and putting her in a 3:2 ratio with Howard.

    Howard should bet 1500. Right answer puts him at 2:3 with Ingrid but it keeps him above Jim’s all-in.

    That leaves Jim. If Jim gets it, he’s fighting for second place, so he should withhold something, anything.

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