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Wagering practice – giving it all you’re Worth

October 10, 2013

Kim Worth is one of the best-known players in Jeopardy! history. After dispatching Grace Veach in the TOC semis (and thus, eventually, by the transitive property, becoming my all-time superior), he appeared in the Finals against Dan Melia and Bob Harris. The second game might have been the funniest half-hour of syndicated television in history.

Anyway, here’s the situation in his fifth regular game. His loss here (and in the TOC Finals) prevented him from coming back for the Ultimate Tournament of Champions, to many fans’ dismay. What would you have done in his shoes here?

Final Jeopardy! wagering practice 20131010 Slide1

Click for the answer!

(Thanks to the J! Archive)

Answers to Wednesday’s scenario:

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  1. Jeffrey Nelson permalink

    Interesting that in the very-funny second show that you mention from 1998, virtually the same Rolling Pin answer came up as this past week (albeit worded differently). I’m curious about the frequency of questions. And I guess twice in fifteen years isn’t that common, but still…

    • Very interesting! I’ve heard the writers are supposed to search through a bank of old questions so as not to duplicate an exact clue, but some topics are bound to appear every so often. Even rolling pins.

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