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Wagering practice – “You might as well wager everything”

October 3, 2013

This scenario is courtesy of a fellow Keith: Whitener, who won seven games and finished second in his TOC. (He’ll also be in The Battle of the Decades.)

How do you feel about these three wagers?

My gut instinct: good thing Keith got it right, or John-Clark would have to suffer the embarrassment of having won a game with $102!

My second instinct: a win is a win, even if, after taxes, you’re left with double digits. (You will be guaranteed $1,000 at some point for finishing third.)

Final Jeopardy! wagering practice 20131003 Slide1

Click here for the answer!

(Thanks to the J! Archive)

Answers to Wednesday’s scenario:

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One Comment
  1. Josh Woo permalink

    Actually, if John-Clark had won with just $102, he’d have been under the withholding threshold and might’ve been lucky enough to keep the whole thing. (He’d be taxed anyway the next day, since he’s guaranteed a grand–I think the threshold was $600–so I guess that makes this whole point moot.)

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