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Wagering practice – Second place in a barn-burner

September 20, 2013

Want to see how you’re doing after watching Part One of my tutorial? Here’s another sample scenario.

In her fourth game, Larissa Kelly found herself in unfamiliar territory: second place. What do you think she should wager? Hint: focus only on what she should do against Will.

Final Jeopardy 20080523 Slide1

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Answers to Thursday’s scenario:

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  1. Chao permalink

    Let us consider what the leader Sara would do if Larissa doubled up. If Larissa gets it correct and bets it all, she would have $37,600. This means Sara should Wager at least $37,600-$20,600=$17,000 to cover Larissa. If Sara is wrong and makes the shutout bet, she will fall to at most $3,600. If Will were not a factor, Larissa should bet up to $15,200. However, he is, and has more than half of Larissa’s score. If Will bets it all and gets it right, he would have $24,000. Therefore, Larissa needs to bet at least $5,200 to cover Will’s doubled score. If Larissa gets it wrong and only bets to cover Will, she would still have up to $13,600, which is more than Will’s pre-Final Jeopardy! score. Therefore, Larissa should bet at least $5,200 to cover Will’s doubled score, but no more than $6,799 to force Will to be correct on Final to win.

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