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Daily analysis, November 19 – Teachers Tournament SF #2

On to our second of three semifinals. Will our players wager properly today?

Cover 20131119

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Daily analysis, November 18 – Teachers Tournament SF #1

I had a nice week “off” from my normal duties, thanks to last week’s wild cards. Let’s see how our first three semifinalists fare in the winner-take-all format!The Final Wager November 18, 2013

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Daily analysis, November 15 – Teachers Tournament QF #5

We’ve reached the end of the first week! We now know our field for the semis.

Cover 20131115

Who are they?

Wagering practice – figuring out a two-day final

Since we’re in tournament mode, let’s turn our sights to next week’s two-game final match.

This scenario comes from the 2008 College Championship. The yellow scores are the totals from Game 1, which will be added to the totals from the present game. What should each player wager?

Thanks to wjmorris3 for pointing out that players keep whatever they win, subject to a minimum. The guarantees here were $100k for the champion, $50k for second, and $25k for third.

2008 Jeopardy! College Championship finals Slide01

If you’re unsure how to approach this, fear not – I’ll explain it to you soon!

What are your thoughts?

Daily analysis, November 14 – Teachers Tournament QF #4

We’ll jump from three semifinalists to six tonight – two of the wild cards will claim their spots.

Cover 20131114

Who will they be?

Daily analysis, November 13 – Teachers Tournament QF #3

We’ll be over the hump after tonight’s game – and we’ll have our first two eliminated players. Who will they be?

Cover 20131113

Let’s find out!

Daily analysis, November 12 – Teachers Tournament QF #2

After the second day of the tournament, everyone’s still alive. Which two wild-card hopefuls will be on edge for Wednesday’s game?

Cover 20131112

Let’s have a look!

Daily analysis, November 11 – Teachers Tournament QF #1

And we’re off with our first tournament of the year! Not too much analysis this week, I predict.

Cover 20131111

Let’s get it started!

Wagering practice – tournament time!

This comes from the third semifinal of my Tournament of Champions, between Tom Baker, Arthur Gandolfi, and Steve “Wampus” Reynolds. What should each player do here?

Remember, if you don’t win outright, you have to play a tiebreaker!

2003 Jeopardy! TOC Semifinal 3 Slide1

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Daily analysis, November 8

It’s our last day of regular play for a few weeks. Let’s gear up for the Teachers Tournament!

Cover 20131108

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